Welcome Master


Welcome to the School of Business and Economics in Tübingen

Welcome to all new master students starting this winter term 2018/19. On this page, we listed all welcome and information events (so-called Infocafés) offered that will help you to get any information necessary for an easy start at University of Tuebingen. As the student body of the school of business and economics, we can give you first-hand knowledge from a student's perspective. Don't hesitate to contact us, write an email, or join our Facebook group to get the most recent news about our events. Please also visit the university welcome page of our faculty for further information.


Infocafés and welcome events for master students

all MSc. students


11 Oct 2018

3-4 pm

European Economics / European Management

Baten / Joustra / Koziol

11 Oct 2018

12-2 pm

International Business


15 Oct 2018

2-4 pm

Accounting & Finance

Neus / Papies

15 Oct 2018

4-5 pm

Economics & Finance


15 Oct 2018

4-5 pm

Management & Economics

Kampkötter / Pull / Stadler

15 Oct 2018

5-7 pm

Economics / International Economics

Kohler / Stähler

15 Oct 2018

6-7 pm





Pub Crawl

starts at Holzmarkt (Stiftskirche)


16 Oct 2018

7 pm

Sunday Brunch

Where? Nauklerstraße 50


21 Oct 2018

9 am


(all events mentioned above are ct (cum tempore) which means they start 15 minutes after full hour)


Studying in Tuebingen

Overall, studying in Tuebingen is a very great thing to do. Still, there are a few things you need to know. We give you a very brief overview here, for everything further feel free to contact the Studienfachberatung. They are happy to help you with any questions or problems regarding your classes, exams, etc. You´ll find all relevant information on their website.

Courses: Most of the classes are free of registration, simply look up the classes you want to take and go there. When registration is needed, there is a note on the course description.

Platforms: There are a few platforms used in Tuebingen. First, there is CAMPUS which includes the overview of courses, you can plan your schedule for the semester and get your transcript of records. Second, there is ILIAS. Usually, professors upload their slides in there and give you the passcode in their first lecture.

Exams: You need to register for the exams. Usually, you will receive an email defining the period of time where you can register. You can also look up this period on the website of the examination office.


Living in Tuebingen

Finding a cozy place to live in Tuebingen can be difficult sometime. Basically, there are three option: live in an apartment alone or together with roommates or get a room (usually with roommates) from the university. When looking for something the university offers, have a look on the page of the Studierendenwerk. In case you are looking for something private there is a homepage named wg-gesucht.de. On this website people can offer apartments and shared rooms. Additionally, there are different groups on Facebook (“Wohnungen in und um Tübingen”; “WG-Zimmer & Wohnungen Tübingen”; “Tübingen Wohnung / Haus / WG / Mieten / Vermieten / Zimmer / Immobilie”).


As an international student, please note that you have to register with the city authorities. You should find all information here. Unfortunately, the website exists in German only, but once you are at the Bürgeramt, there is a desk for international residents.



Welcome page: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/faculties/faculty-of-economics-and-social-sciences/faculty-verweis.html

Studienfachberatung: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/faculties/faculty-of-economics-and-social-sciences/subjects/school-of-business-and-economics/school-of-business-and-economics/studium1/service-guidance/academic-advisory-service.html

Campus: https://campus.verwaltung.uni-tuebingen.de

ILIAS: https://ovidius.uni-tuebingen.de/ilias3/login.php?target=&client_id=pr02&auth_stat=

Examination office: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/faculties/faculty-of-economics-and-social-sciences/examination-office/school-of-business-and-economics.html

Bürgeramt: https://www.tuebingen.de/verwaltung/verfahren#anmeldung_wohnsitz